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IPA Recipe BIAB style

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Hey All

Haven't posted in a while, but I've been chugging along brewing about every other weekend.

I hit on a great IIPA recipe, got rave reviews. Smells of orange and honey (though there's no honey in it) and herbal, and tastes of grapefruit, pine, and a little spice.

2.13 gal batch
Mash at 151F
5lb Pale 2-row
8oz Crystal 40
4oz Crystal 20

60min Boil
.25oz Chinook 60 min
.5oz centennial 15 min
.25oz Chinook 15 min
.25oz Columbus 15 min
.5oz centennial 10 min

cool and pitch safale US-05

Dry hop after 5 days for 14 days with
1oz Columbus
1oz centennial
.25oz Chinook

I keg carbed on the high end because I feel it enhances bitterness when doing a hop burst such as this by adding a nice cut to your quaff, so I went for 39F at 14PSI (I think that's like 2.6-2.8 volumes). I let it carb and condition in the keg for 7 days before I tap it and drink.

I also do all my additions commando (including the dry hop) for what it's worth.

I wish I could share a glass with all you other hop heads!

OG was 1.062, FG came in at 1.010 so about 6.8-7% ABV

Next up another crack at an IIPA.....

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My kind of IPA. I can say that I've found Chinook at FWH or 60 minute addition to be great for an IPA. Just love it. Then hit it with something a bit more citrusy like centennial and you got a good beer there.
Glad to hear you are happy. Brew on.

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Yes, this one will definitely be in regular rotation. It actually came out more citrus than I thought it would, those centennials are powerful and very complex. I get everything from honey to flowers to oranges to slight pine when I taste them.

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