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Imperial IPA Recipe

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Trying to get something simple going for an IIPA (if there is such a thing). Here's what I've got:

5.5lb pale 2 row (American)
.5lb 40L Crystal
.5lb table sugar@flameout
Mash@151F for 90 min (BIAB style, no sparge)
Mash out @ 168F

60min boil
.25oz Chinook 60min
.75oz Cascade 15min
.50oz Chinook 15min
.50oz Chinook 7min
.50oz Cascade 7min
Pitch US-05

Dry hop 14 days with:
1oz Cascade
1oz Chinook

I'm going for Grapefruit/Pine, with herbal and floral nature as secondary qualities. I would like to avoid Orange/tangerine/bright citrus qualities on this one. Should I ditch Chinook for Simcoe? I've never brewed with Simcoe so I'm not sure how it stacks up on that profile. I have had Weyrbacher's double simcoe and it was like drinking passion fruit juice to me. It wasn't my favorite.

Cascade I feel is very piney, as when I have a SN pale ale, I get a lot of pine/grapefruit spectrum out of it. Does anyone else get pine out of cascade?

I'm hoping this pairing will bring out those qualities from each hop.

Does anyone have experience with this pairing? Would Centennial be a better fit? Simcoe? I'm trying to keep it to 2 hops on this one as I've been doing a lot of 3 and 4 hop brews and I'm in the mood to dial back the complexity a bit and highlight certain flavor characteristics.

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Looks pretty good! If u want a serious grapefruit hit, use some falconers flight hops. I did one with just these hops and it is an very nice DIPA grapefruit bomb but I used 10 ounces in a 4 gallon batch.

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