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alcohol tolerance in yeast - (mead or wine)

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so im making a blueberry mead.

3.5 gals water, 10 lbs honey, 5 lbs blueberries in a mesh bag. pitch 2 sachets of yeast.
ferment one month.

add 5 lbs blue berries in a mesh bag to 2ndary fermenter. add 5 lbs honey disolved in 1-1.5 gallons of water. cool to room temp and gently rack primary onto 2ndary leaving first blueberry bag behind.

ferment another month then rack again and allow it to sit for 4-6 months before bottling.

i think that's how it goes.

im fermenting with lalvin 76b-1122 yeast, 2x 5g sachets for what will eventually be a 4-4.5 gallon batch .

if memory serves, the 1122 yeast has an alc tolerence of 14%.

1) how would i calculate the final gravity / alcohol % ?

2) if the final grav comes out high like 18% does that mean lots of residual sweetness due to yeast alcohol toxicity?

2) if i wanted to carb the bottles (plastic 1 liter) using a coopers carb drop (1 per bottle ?) would i have to add a grain of a similar yeast with higher alcohol tolerence at bottling? would 1 grain be enough to carb a bottle without turning the mead dry?

thanks for input.

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Did you ever find out what to do? Sorry I can't help, but it sounds like an interesting question.


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