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Saison d'Ete (Summer Saison)

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Sounds yummy.

That 5L candi was yummy stuff in the beers I made with it.

I'd never have thought to mix styrians and streisselspalt with amarillo. But I bet it's yummy.

EDIT: I said yummy 3 times. It better be yummy.

EDIT EDIT: I bet it finishes well below 1.010 too...

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LOL! Thanks...

Smells yummy now and it's only day 2 in primary... Hope it works out ok.

Yeah, I so often use Amarillo with Simcoe and Citra in IPA's and Belgian IPA's so I wanted to change things up a bit...

My first thought was to just layer in some Citra, but I thought it might be too prominent, so I decided to try to bring some tropical mango / orange to the part with the Amarillo and Sweet Orange peel.

The Celia Styrians and Ancient Wheat to add a rustic yet floral quality, the Strisselspalt and Grains of Paradise to punch up the spicyness and hopefully the orange mango on top of that for the yummy factor.

I'm holding it at 79*F right now but will probably let it go nuts after day 5... That should give me some interesting yeast flavors as well...

Anyway, we'll see how it progresses.


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