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Help! Tweak Screwy's Noble Wheat recipe..

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Hi folks,

I'm hell bent on brewing Screwy Brewer's Noble Wheat recipe which models the Paulaner Hefeweizen, this weekend itself. This will only be my 3nd batch with non-MB stuff, so I'm quite unsure if I'm on the right path really.

I have some ingredients which are a tad different from what Screwy uses here, and that's where I need the help with 3 things.

First Screwy's recipe - 

Recipe: Size 5.00 gallons: Estimated IBU=9, SRU=7, OG=1.062, FG=1.016, ABV=6.0%

2 pounds honey 

1 pound Crystal 10L

5 pounds Muntons Wheat DME - 55% Wheat/45% Barley

1/2 ounce Crystal pellet hops boiled for 60 minutes

2 pounds of Honey for 30 minutes

1/2 ounce Crystal pellet hops boiled for 20 minutes

1 ounce Crystal pellet hops boiled for 7 minutes

11.5 gram Safbrew WB-06 dry yeast

Pitched at 70F and fermented at 70F until final gravity is steady for 2 days

Now what I have/don't have.

1. I do not have Crystal, but have Hallertauer Traditional. Screwy mentions on his site that he couldn't get Hallertauer on brewday, hence went for Crystal. Does Hallertauer Traditional work as a good hop for Wheat? Is this the correct variety? I know Noble hops are what are used in German wheat beers. My Hallertauer is 6.5% instead of the 4% Crystal which Screwy used. Any adjustments required other than to correspondingly reduce the amount of hops at each hop addition stage? I can use BrewersFriend.com recipe tool for this, just need to know if a simple scale down will be OK.

2. I do not wish to use honey, at least at the 1st go. I am OK with slightly less ABV. Will I also get some different balance of hops/alcohol in my beer if I skip honey? Or is it still going to be acceptable? Or would you recommend adding some honey? I don't have Clover Honey, so would have to go with a local Indian honey brand.

3. I don't have Crystal 10L. I have Weyermann CaraAmber 60-80EBC and Weyermann Crystal 120-140 EBC which I can substitute. Which would you suggest I use and how much to adjust the amount?

Really looking forward to brewing my first hefeweizen this weekend and thanks all for your help in advance.

In case I miss any important details and you're a super helpful Guru, here's the link to Screwy's page :-)



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Hallertauer is a great choice for wheats, or almost anything german really, and would be probably my first choice in this situation.

2.. Honey of course isn't necessary for the recipe, and would be fine without it, though you will have less ABV and a slightly different flavor.

3. I would use neither of these crystal malts that you have unless you want a much different beer profile.

It really sounds like you want something more different than screwy's noble wheat, and something more like a very traditional hefeweizen. Is this true? If thats the case, are you looking for something very light in color, sweet/dry/fruity/clovey/hoppy etc? In other words, lets break down what you want to taste and we can move from there.

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I wasn't set on getting a particular flavour out as I'm more focused on understanding the somewhat basic recipes than trying to create my own favourite flavours early in the day. This will be my 2nd AG batch and 6th batch overall. This would be my first time using a crystal malt, so yes, I'm quite a beginner, although I've got the hang of the basic sanitation and hopping techniques from the extract batches I made with MR BEER.

Screwy's Paulaner recipe seemed like something I could benchmark against as I have had it a few times recently when travelling to Europe (can't buy Paulaner anywhere in India).

The real limitation is the ingredients which I have as I can't hop across to an LHBS and pick up stuff here in India - there are no LHBS's. I either order my stuff and have it shipped, so it has to be a bulk order of hops and yeasts, to make the whole order seem financially feasible.

I'm open to your suggestions. Would you suggest trying a basic hefeweizen recipe?

I do have the WB-06 yeast and the T-58 for Belgian Wit as well.


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Okay, in that case, then you can definitely brew this beer without the addition of the honey. By just subtracting the honey from the recipe and not adding anything else, you will likely end up with a beer roughly around 1.044 OG. This is very normal for a traditional wheat beer. So at that point it is simply up to you whether you want to add any other type of fermentable.

If you wished to add local indian honey, that is also fine. To be honest, the best honey to use typically is totally unprocessed honey. This has a higher risk of contaminating your beer, but flavor-wise it is definitely worth it. I would probaably follow whatever screwy said as to how to handle the honey if you wish to use it, but otherwise just be sure to add it at the end of your boil so as to retain as much flavor and aroma from the honey while not posing a sanitation risk to your beer.

If you use no crystal in this recipe, you will still get a great tasting wheat beer. If you do wish to use CaraAmber 60-80 EBC or Crystal 120-140. You will get a more amber colored beer with a somewhat sweet to almost bitter-astringent sweetness (hard to explain unless you've tried it yourself) flavor in the beer. Considering the beer style I would only add 1/4 to 1/2 pound of it.

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I'm hell bent on brewing Screwy Brewer's Noble Wheat recipe which models the Paulaner Hefeweizen

sambeerindia, Sorry it took me so long to see this thread, hope you were able to brew up a batch you liked based on my original recipe. You could substitute a darker crystal malt if you wanted to and make the profile of the finished beer your own. I've since brewed my wheats using pure honey I get direct from a local beekeeper, how cool is that!?


Since posting that recipe I've kind of changed it's course a bit and turned it into an American Wheat beer, reminiscent of an IPA style in many ways. The alcohol content is high, as has been mentioned earlier, at around 8% ABV and I fermented it with a clean tasting yeast strain too. There's a ton of citrusy hops in the new recipe, plenty of aroma and the honey provides a perfect amount of residual sugar to mask all that alcohol, this beer is perfectly ready ready to drink after 2 weeks in the primary and a week of forced carbonation.

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Hi Screwy, thanks for the reply.

I did brew the older recipe and by 20 days in the bottle, at new year's, it was a very mediocre beer.

But 10 more days in the fridge after that and I had a very respectable Paulaner clone! Needless to say, i was thrilled??:-) 

i always thought that the wheat beer takes only 10 days to condition fully you explain why it is so much nicer after a month in the bottle?



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I just downed the last of this and finally feel smug after 11 months of brewing 10 batches.

Thanks to the BORG for the support and guidance.

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