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Partial Mash Questions

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After some scrutiny, I've decided to make a Partial Mash using Patriot Lager HME in a LBK. Simultaneously, I'll be brewing a standard Patriot Lager HME with a booster pack in another LBK. Here is my battle plan for the PM:

2lbs of 2 Row (milled)

4oz of 60L Crystal (milled)

.5oz of Cascade hops

1 grain bag

1 hop bag

1 Patriot Lager HME

Half-a-Pack of Safale US-05 Yeast

Heat 3-Quarts of filtered water to 160F

Add my bag of mixed grains to the water

Maintain temp at ~155F and mash for 60-mins (up to around 90 mins to be sure)

Heat 2-quarts of filtered water at 170F (for sparging)

After mash, put grain bag into colander and sparge with the two quarts of water into wort pot.

Boil wort for 60 mins

At T-5 mins, add my bag-o-hops and finish boil (then remove)

Remove from heat and stir in the HME

I will then be using an ice bath to bring the wort pot to a roomy temp

Add 4-quarts of spring wah-wah to the LBK

Add in the wort to the LBK, top off with extra water to the 2.25 Gal Mark and stir vigorously

Ensure temp is good and roomy then pitch half a pack of US-05 and give a lil' stir.

Take readings and go.

My questions are:

For the grains, should I bother using a paint filter as a pot liner instead of a bag to give the grain more breathing room?

When sparging, I've seen people steep in a separate pot for 10 mins rather than pouring over the grain - does it matter?

When I pitch the yeast, should I give it a stir? Or just let it stay sprinkled on top and let it take over? If I pitch a little over half of the pack is it going to be too much and cause problems?

Does anything in this recipe scream that it's going to have a blow-out?

Also, the pack where I got the Patriot Lagers came with the LME/UME Pale packet - I saw a lot of PM's using similar with recipes close to mine. Would it cause issues? Worth tossing in? Too much malt? More likely to cause a blow-out? etc..


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You might want to take readings  then pitch yeast.   the rest looks  fine all depends on 

What works best for you . Let us know how your brew day go's .

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Brewed it up. I had a little trouble maintaining temp on my crummy stove - next time I'll do the oven method to make it easier so I don't have to baby it. I ended up mashing for 90 mins. This pic was just at the beginning of the boil. The wort smelled wonderful, and had a good sweetness to it. I just pitched the yeast a lil bit ago - so we'll see tomorrow how we're doing. OG reading was at 1.050 so I'm hoping for high-fives in ABV. The color was also quite lovely, a dark golden brown - very excited. I'll keep it updated.

I should also mention this is my FIRST home brew. Got the kit on Valentine's Day and just got the ingredients for my tweaked recipe. Should be fun.

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Bottled it up a little over two weeks ago - FG'd at 1.010 from 1.050. So far so good - tried a sampler bottle. Great colors, not too hazy. Good flavors, smells, and barely cidery on the end which will continue to condition out. Decent foamy head - looks to be a great brew for this spring and summer. Quite nice!

Sorry for the dim picture. It was very very late and everyone was asleep. (Except for daddy who was up late playing video games.)


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