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my First IPA

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c2cf4400-fa6c-4c1a-a78a-17756a3e066c.jpgbdda12be-c93f-464c-836f-3cc7a246b81f.jpg4bf35150-235d-4362-bf39-479442f82836.jpg8 oz 60L Crystal malts steeped to 170 F

3 lbs of Golden LME (Light golden coloured pure malt extract syrup)

1 lbs Light DME

1 oz Cascade at 30 min boil

1 oz Columbus at 12 min boil

us-50 Ale yeast

1 oz Cascade dry hopped commando after 2 weeks fermenting

 Cold crashed for 3 days

Primed with organic Cane sugar

Just sampled afte 3 weeks in the bottle. Tastes like a traditional american IPA very well balenced

No head at all, but was not flat.

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That is an epic glass. And that label is something to live by. You're doin' it right.

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