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Cream Ale

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I am looking to make a cream ale and have noticed a lot of AG recipes call for using flaked maize or corn grits to lighten the body. Would booster serve as a replacement for corn in these recipes. I plan to brew 5 gallons using extract. my preboil volume of water would be 6 gallons.


og 1048

IBU 33

4 lbs light dme

1 pack booster 13oz

8 oz carapils

.5 oz magnum for 60

1 oz cascade at 5 min

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I brewed a cream ale kit I purchased online, it came out great. i manipulated the ibu's to about 30 by replacing 1 oz cascade with .4 oz magnum for the bitter hop and adjusting my preboil volume of water.

sg 1043

fg 1011

ibu 31

srm darker than the kit

6 gallons of preboil volume of municipal water 

5 gallons batch size

6 lbs light lme

8 oz carapils

.4 oz magnum 60 min

1 oz cascade 2 min

us-05 yeast

1/2 tablet of whirfloc

gelatin fining in keg

1/2 tablet of campden in my preboil water to clear that chlorine and Chloramine smell/taste

first  pour


i chilled the keg with ice packs in a styrofoam cooler then added the gelatin. I shook while putting in 25 lbs of co2 into solution. About 50 hours later I purged, dropped the co2 to 10 and poured the first gelatin dump.


second pour looked much better but I did see a cloudy section in the picnic faucet line enter the beer. it was small and quick. 


third pour is much better, the color looks slightly darker than what the kit suggested but I attribute this to boiling the 6 lbs of lme for 60 mins.

This beer won't last long.

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Looks good! I just ordered a cream ale kit and am looking forward to it!

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