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Can I use Booster in place of Corn Sugar? or White Sugar?

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Hi All,

I have a bunch of Booster packs kicking around that I don't want to see go to waste.

I have few things in mind that call for corn sugar, can i use Booster in its place?

Cider kit calls for 2 lbs of Corn sugar up front to ferment and 5 oz at end to sweeten

Skeeter Pee lemon wine calls for white sugar to back sweeten, would Booster be Ok for that?

I hate to waste, so i'm really just looking for some uses for all these booster packs i foolishly bought.

Would love to hear your thoughts on how to use this stuff up


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google:   site:community.mrbeer.com +"booster"


there are about 10 pages plus of info from mr beer posts that you can find info on this. all kinds of discussions.. how to use.. what beer styles... preferences... using it for priming...etc.


rickbeer pointed out this search trick when the old forum here went into the crapper and many posts were lost:  go to google.  enter the following search:


site:community.mrbeer.com +"     <insert topic here ie batch priming>     "  


you can do complex searches like

site:community.mrbeer.com +"booster"  +"batch priming"  +"corn"  +"pig feet"  +"Cheetos"

it will search the site given for any post with all those terms.

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