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How to hide part of your signature, with a button to reveal it

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When you edit your profile, there is an option to edit your signature.  That's easy.  What you want to do, so as not to have a huge signature that everyone has to read, is hide a portion of it so they have to click on it to see it.


That's done various ways, but using BBCode is the best - using HTML can cause issues in Android plus the forum software may display someone else's signature if you don't make your code unique -so use BBCode.  I didn't realize BBCode was an option initially.






Text you want to hide goes here




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With the upgraded Community, there are slight modifications to the signature hidden elements.


The BB code posted by RickBeer will work in posts/threads, but it may not work in the signatures.


Luckily, we now have a button for spoilers.  Just highlight the text you wish to hide and select the "eye" button at the top right of the editor box. 



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