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Rick N

Bottling with granulated sugar

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I'm getting ready to bottle my fist round of what I hope will be one of many.

 I have some snap lidded bottles that are not the same volume as those I received with my kit.

They hold about two cups of liquid with an inch for expansion. If I use granulated sugar how much should I us in each bottle? Or per cup of



Rick N.

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I don't know what you mean by "snap lidded".  You can use any bottles that were designed to hold carbonated beverages AND are resealable - soda bottles, flip top beer bottles (not screw top), swing top bottles (see below), etc.


Mr. Beer's priming chart is here:  http://www.mrbeer.com/common/images/pdf/primingsugarchart.pdf.  You should measure the exact amount of liquid that these bottles hold, so if it's 16 ounces then refer to that on the chart.  Many people do less than the Mr. Beer levels, I used to do 65% before switching to batch priming.


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