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My temp beer doesn't stop to raise

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Hi everybody,


I am doing a clone of the Oberon, a very nice and light summer wheat.

It's been 16 days of fermenting, I used Wyeast 1010, always keep it at 65F.


The thing is that if I am not very careful with my ice bottles (I am using a cooler as fermentation chamber) the temp always tend to spike.

The recipe said two weeks fermentation, but it seems still pretty active to me.


I will take an hydrometer reading but in case the reading is ok and the temp is still raising, what should I do?

I am afraid to bottle, I would like to avoid bottle bombs if the fermentation is still going on.


This is kind of paradoxical, usually people ask for help since the fermentation doesn't start and I have an endless fermentation!


Thanks to anyone who would like to share any solutions or tips!

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Your fermentation is most likely complete. You can see activity for days beyond the conclusion of the fermentation. But I would still leave it for another week to allow the yeast to finish cleaning up the beer, then bottle. Just try to keep that temperature in check.

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