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I am about to bottle my second batch.  I have switched to glass 12oz bottles instead of the plastic ones.  I also will be using sugar instead of the carb drops.  My question is where can I find how much sugar to use for the 12oz bottles, or if anyone knows off the top of their head. I have lost all my paperwork that came with the kit.  Thanks for the help in advance.

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1/2 teaspoon of table sugar will give you a mildly carbonated beverage. Not super-fizzy like Bud Light, more like a stout would have (I am guessing 2.0-2.2 volumes of CO²). Mr. Beer recommends 3/4 tsp. of sugar for a 12-oz bottle and most people say it is a little over-carbonated at that level of sugar. I am guessing that is 3.0+ volumes of CO².


Try as slightly heaped 1/2 tsp. and see how you like it.


Or, as some here are  bound to to tell you, just batch-prime the whole shebang & not worry about getting the same amount of sugar into each bottle. (I am a fan of doing it per bottle, myself).



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