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Any extract recipes for a good kellerbier? New glarus in WI makes a great on with Yokel and I think Sierra Nevada has a kellerwies which was amazing.

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Here's my take on this. I never made it though.


Notes on style: http://www.germanbeerinstitute.com/Kellerbier.html

Unfiltered, relatively uncarbonated.


5 gal recipes here:



So translating to Mr Beer, I would do this:


Sterilize equipment.

boil 4 cups water, add 1 pack Pale or 8 oz Pilsner LME/DME,

To add bitterness to get up to 35 IBU (from the 21 in Pilsner HME) need extra 14 IBU so..

add 1.0 oz Hallertauer pellet in bag, boil ~10 min then take off heat.

add 1 can Pilsner HME  - dissolve in wort

add 1 pack smooth  LME/DME - dissolve in wort to get the extra ABV  (~5.5) and the extra maltiness.

Add everything to LBK containing 4 qt cold water

add more cold water to 8.5 qt and aerate

pitch yeast  - use Bavarian or Munich Lager yeast - from Mr B dry yeasts probably S-23, but maybe other ones specifically designated as Munich or Bavarian may be better

add Oak chip tea (optional)  from recipe in last link using half the amount

ferment in low 50's for 3 weeks.

bottle with NO priming - it is meant to be pretty flat.

Store cool & Drink after 3+ weeks.


If you can't ferment cold, use the Nottingham ale yeast S-05.

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Took a screen shot of that! I'm going to make that after I use up all my winter dark. I'll let you know how it comes out. Getting a thermostat to turn my keggerator into a fermenter this week.

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