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Image upload failed

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For the last few weeks I have been unable to upload pictures, it shows the lading bar, completes it then I get a warning popup saying "there was a problem uploading the file".

Now today, something new, when I drag the file into the post files attach area I just get the picture displayed by Explorer. (huh!) which now seems to want to be the do everything application.

The error pops up no matter what way I try to load the file. The image shows blank but a name only in the Uploaded images but says "upload failed"

The file is a jpg photo, that seems to operate just fine in the PC. Windows 7 Home Premium.

Any thoughts please?


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I'm sorry this has been causing troubles for you.  We had thought that we fixed this issue, though it appears that for some users/images the issue is not resolved.  We are in active conversations with the developers to get this resolved. 


I've attached an example of the error that we have been able to reproduce.  Is this the error you have been receiving?


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I tried again today. Still no good for jpg.

I loaded the pic into Paint then saved as png.

It uploaded fine.

Josh - this may give your web designers a hint to fix it.

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