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My situation

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My story:


SWMBO gave me a Mr. Beer kit from Amazon that came with bottles and pilsner and cerveza hme's....


5/15/2016 Mixed 1st ever beer batch using Mr. Beer ….Grand Bohemian Pilsner  HME…..barefoot…no extras…. should make ~ 3.3 to 3.5 % ABV,

I am a Chemistry Tech and I have OCD ...I used both the MRB sanitizer for 10 minutes and then Star-San.....I am 100% positive there is no chance of infection....

I ferment between 66 - 68 °F ; checking with 3 different temperature measuring devices and averaging ....

 5/23/2016 after  looking online and getting the wild hair,...I purchased a 1 gallon Craft A Brew Oktoberfest kit …


5/29/2016 Mixed 1 gallon kit Oktoberfest from Craft A Brew…  had to steep grains and add hop pellets….stunk up the house,… SHMBO declared never again in her kitchen…… 

6/2/2016 bought a 2nd LBK… and bottling wand,...and mixed batch Chug-a-lugger recipe – to use up the  Aztec Mexican Cerveza HME that came with the original kit…  


6/4/2016 Bottled the GB pilsner using MRB 740ml plastic bottles……2 carbo drops per bottle….sample tasted like cider…


The bottles condition at 75°F....+ or - 1°F


6/19/2016 bottled  1 gallon Craft a Brew Oktoberfest into 12oz bottles…..used 1 Domino Dot per bottle..

sample tasted GREAT…no cider…. a flat beer flavor.


6/24/2016 tried a bottle of the GB pilsner that I put the fridge for 3 days , since it was barefoot I assumed a conditioned beer.....but a very cidery taste…had to pour it in the drain…… not happy.


6/24/2016 bottled Chug a lugger into 12, 22oz bottles, 3 dots per bottle………sample tasted like cider… again, not happy.


IF, and I mean IF….  after 4 weeks, the MRB batches taste like cider and the CAB doesn’t after 4 weeks….I will never use MRB products again…..


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MRB products are great for beginners, but theres tricks to it that you just have to learn along the way. Can you make great beers with it? Yes. Can you make some shitty beers? Yes. Basically you have to control temps and be patient. I brew anything thats on sale, sometimes im disappointed and sometimes im very pleased. Hard to fully love something that you cant 100% control. The bittering hops are the most noticable addition and even though you use different recipes with the same HME theyll all basically taste the same. Thats just how it goes. Price you pay for convience. 

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