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Creeps McLane

Uploading photos from mobile devices

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Uploading a photo has always been difficult on this forum.


with my iPhone I can only upload photos that have made it into my "photo stream". As long as I'm connected to wifi I only have to wait seconds. But I can't upload photos from my moments / all photos.


i can't upload pics at all from my iPad. I guess that's not entirely true. A normal pic will not upload but if I take a screen shot of the same pic, although it may be three times the size, the screen shot works great.  Aren't JPEGs normal photo files? 




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@Creeps McLane


Thank you for providing the screen shots here. 

Unfortunately I don't have any solutions at this time, but the issue may reside in how the iPhone might compress the images depending on where they are stored, such that our community is not sure what to make of it when uploaded.  

I apologize for the inconvenience trying to work through this.  We'll keep this on the radar and see what we can determine to be the cause and if we can fix.  In general, the vast majority of pictures upload without too much trouble, but on occasion we do find that some will not upload.  


A year ago there were also some issues uploading images, but it appeared to be due to the initial image upload failing (for any number of general reasons), and getting partially stuck in the server cache.  When the same image was attempted to be uploaded again it would error out.  The quick fix here typically was just saving the file under a new name and trying again.  


~ Josh B

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