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Wuffles Recipe

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Permission to share this recipe granted. This is from Seventh Son Brewing In Columbus Ohio Brewmaster Colin Vent All credit goes to them. This is one of their seasonal beers.


This is for a 5gal finished batch





golden ale with crisp, floral hops, breakfast cereal maltiness


ABV 3.32% IBU 16.2 Est OG 1.034


Grain Bill:

5.5lbs American 2-Row

.5lbs Munich Malt

.5lbs CaraPils

.25lbs Crystal 40

Hop List:

Horizon 1.6oz total

Palisade 1.6oz total


1 package liquid British Ale WYEAST #1098


(Optional booster you can do to up abv a bit and mouth feel recommended by hoppysmile! and i did do when i made the recipe and will up your OG a small bit)

1lb corn sugar added at flame out

.25lb Malto Dextrin added at flameout


I also added 1tsp Irish moss at last 15min of boil


Mash Grains  60 min @ 150-160*F 

Boil 90min with following hop schedule

.1oz Horizon 90min

.1oz Palisade 90min

.25 Horizon 15min

.25Palasade 15min

.5oz Horizon @ Flameout

.5oz Palisade @ Flameout

.75oz Horizon Dry Hop (5-7 days)

.75oz Palisade Dry Hop (5-7 days)


Ferment 3 weeks 


Bottle/Keg as you normally would



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