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Blonde Saison

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I was looking to make a light lemony Saison  so thought I might be able to from the Canadian Blonde HME. It has a low IBU so I can use extra hops to get the flavors I want and attain around 20 IBUs.  I am aiming at about 5% ABV.

I am looking at this as a recipe........ Comments?

Mr B Canadian Blonde 13 IBU, 3.1-3.5 ABV, 1.89 lb HME

0.25 lb Pilsner DME 0.5 oz    ~ adds 0.5 ABV  
0.5 lb Wheat DME                  ~ adds  1.0 ABV
0.2 lb Vienna Malt LME or 4 oz Grain mash. (I have the LME on hand but worry about adding too much) ~ if LME adds maybe <  0.5 ABV?
I need 7 IBUs (C. Blonde is 13 IBUs)  - 0.5 oz each  Strisselpalt and Saaz mixed. Boil and remove 0.5 oz   10 min. in DME (figuring about 4  Alpha acid  calculates at 7 IBUs), add 0.5 oz at flameout for aroma.
Yeast Wyeast 3711 - or T-58 or - Belle Saison.


I have T-58 on hand. I used Belle Saison for the seasonal and I liked that but 3711 advertises a lemony character that I like and I got lemony  in some Belgian beers and I have been trying to find for a long time. So I thought I would try it.


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If you want some lemon flavor in your saison, look for Lemondrop or Sorachi Ace hops. They will add a great lemon note to your saison. And maybe some lemon zest for good measure. And yes, go with the 3711 if you can. French saison yeasts tend to give a cleaner, more citrusy character than Belgian saison yeasts. And if you want to try a great lemony saison example and can find it, look for Fruition Saison by Funkwerks. It's amazing!

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