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Niwa-Biru Pale Ale ⛩

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If this one turns out, I'll serve it as my 'House' beer (Biru) to friends visiting my koi garden (niwa).?


Niwa-Biru Pale Ale


Canadian Blonde HME, 1.87 lb.

Rahr 2-row, 0.5 lb.

Flaked rice, 0.25 lb.

BrewMax Pale LME, 0.55 lb.

Sorachi Ace, 0.5 oz., 10 min.

Sorachi Ace, 0.5 oz., 5 min.

Safale US-05


Mini-mash milled grains for 45 min. @ 150 F.


Add LME, heat to hot-break, then boil 15 min.

HME @ f/o.


OG 1.047


IBU 43



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I did not plan on this one sticking around for Oktoberfest, but the early ones that I drank mid-Sept. were quite interesting with Sorachi Ace intensity -- not so much lemony as marketed, but more like juniper berry.  After another month of conditioning, that bitterness has mellowed significantly leaving me with a respectable pale ale.

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