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Wanting to duplicate a beer

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Has anyone tasted Flying Dog's Raging Bitch?

I'm kind of new to brewing but this would be a beer I'd like to replicate. 

Wondered if anyone has done this before and could share info. 

Its a Belgium with very rich taste and 8+ABV. 

Any input is appreciated. 

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I have had it, and man is it good (and potent).  I have never attempted to clone it, but the Brew de Ale ze Bub recipe comes pretty darn close without even trying.  

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24 minutes ago, DanielBaker said:

Thanks for the reply. I'll look it up!


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The RB is a Belgian IPA, coming in at 60 IBU and 8%. It is hopped with Warrior, Columbus, and Amarillo. 


I haven't had it in a long time, but here is how I would go about it.


Take the Diablo IPA (IBU 70, ABV 5.5%).


Steeping Grains - Brewers 2 row 1 pack, carapils 1 pack, crystal 60 1 pack.

LME - 1 pale

2 cups of sugar (maybe 1.5....)

Hops 2 Columbus and 2 Amarillo

Yeast t-58


Steeping grains - follow Mr. Beer instructions.


Depending on process, slowly stir in the LMEs, sugar, bring to a boil.

10 minute boil 2 columbus, 2 amarillo

5 minute boil 1 columbus, 1 amarillo


Pitch with T-58


Make sure to ferment around 70 degrees....watch for overflow!


Part of me wonders if it should go 2 pale LME and 1 cup sugar.....Like I said, I haven't had RB in a long time and cannot remember if it is more of a dry/drinkable belgian or more of a malty sweet IIPA style.


Not sure how close to an RB this would get you, but it definitely gets you into the Belgian IPA territory. Probably darker than the RB though.





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