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Funky Buddha batch - Starting to worry about Yeast Pitching

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I’m getting a little worried about the second batch of Funky Buddha IPA that I started 10 days ago.  I have not opened the batch but am observing my LBK.


When I made my first batch in May, it Krausened like crazy - lots of bubbles, yeast islands, foam.  Very active.


This batch - while I see white sediment colllecting at the bottom (evidence of yeast doing its work I assume), the top is clear - very little foam, if any on the top.


I did a few things different this batch - I am temperature controlling the batch in a fridge - before I relied on ambient temperature in a cool basement.  I am also doing so in an LBK rather than the upright clear 2 Gallon Fermenter.


I made a batch of Oktoberfest at the same time and it is also in my temp controlled fridge and it krausened normally, though there is less white sediment at the bottom of the LBK, there is evidence of foam on the top.


Should I worry?  Did my pitch fail?  Should I raise or lower temp in the fridge to help the Funky Buddha batch yeast?  


I appreciate any advice and thoughts. 

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Krausen is not indication of anything, the trub at the bottom tells you it is fermenting fine.  Temperature will absolutely affect how vigorous the fermentation is.  

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Thanks @RickBeer.  So would I have gotten more Krausen at higher temps because it allows the yeast to be more active early on?


I am much happier with my temp controlled batches.  They seem to take less time to taste good.


My fridge can temp control 2 LBKs but I don’t think I can fit the 2G fermenter in there.


I need to do the last dry hop on the FUnky Buddha batch next Tuesday and then bottle the weekend after that.

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