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BB American Pale Ale

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Needing some input on my process and choice of recipe kits from ya'll...

I picked up a Brewers Best American Pale Ale to brew for the first time using 2 LBKs. (Don't tell MRB)

I opened the kit and inspected the ingredients.... All there... OK let's do this.

Put 1 gal of spring water in pot and brought it to 160 degrees. (Only had a 2 gal pot to use)

Bagged up the grains in the supplied muslin sack and tied off at the top.

Steeped for 20 minutes per BB instructions. The grains smelled fresh...(What do I know though, I'm new to this addiction)

The grains were then removed and drained over the pot..(Grains were cooled and then gave to my chickens)

The wort was brought to a gentle boil and 1st can of extract was added.

Two oz of Cascade hops were put into a muslin sack, which I provided, and put into the boiling wort for 40 minutes.

After 40 min the 2nd can of extract was added, returning to a gentle boil for 15 minutes.

Next up one oz of Citra hops split up into 1/2 oz amounts and put into 2 separate muslin sacks, tied off at the end and put into the boiling wort for 5 min.

The 2 gal. pot is almost full now and removed from heat.

Now to split this wort into two LBKs.(All equipment has been sanitized)

One gal. of cold (36 degree) spring water is added to each LBK.

I removed and discarded the Cascade hops while putting one Citra hop sack into each LBK. 

Using a measuring cup I dip out, approximately, equal amounts into the two LBKs.

I topped each LBK off with more cold spring water to the 2 mark and stirred with a spoon.

The OG was tested and the readings were 1.052 and 1.051.

Wort was vigorously stirred with a wisk, temp stip checked to be sure it was at 68 degrees, then pitched the supplied yeast. (BRY-97) 

It's now in the cooler with ice at a temp of 62 degrees.

The high krausen seems low compared to the other batches I've done, but it smells good.


Any comments suggestions are welcome.


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1 minute ago, RickBeer said:

Sounds fine.

Thanks RickBeer. Your Helpful info on this site was very valuable to me.

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