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Heathers: Scotch Ale - missing 2 Pale LME's in cart

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1 hour ago, BradsBeer said:

Hi I want to order the Heathers: Scotch Ale but in the cart it says 1 LME Pale but the recipe page says it should have 3.


I noticed that too when I ordered Heathers earlier today.  I did leave a note on the order page for the shipping dept., noting the discrepancy.  To further complicate things, the instructions for this recipe reference LMEs!  This might be a good time to @MRB Josh R cuz I know that he would want to know and I'm sure he just loves it when Type A Brewers like us find mistakes like this. ;)

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Maybe this will help when @MRB Josh R or @MRB Tim takes a look.... here is where the discrepancies are (Highlighted in red text) 



1 Bewitched Amber Ale (Yeast under lid, you won’t be using this)

3 Brewmax LME - Pale

4 oz Crystal 40

2 oz Roasted Barley

2 oz Peated Malt*

1 Package Fuggle Hop Pellets (1/2 oz)

1 oz Heather Tips

1 Packet Safale US-04 Yeast

2 Muslin Sacks

1 Packet No-Rinse Cleanser


Bring the grain water to a boil, then remove from heat.

Open the can of Brewing Extract and the 2 LME Softpacks and pour the contents into the hot mixture. Stir until thoroughly mixed. This mixture of unfermented beer is called “wort”.


From cart list:


1 x Bewitched Amber Ale 
1 x BrewMax LME SoftPack - Pale 
1 x Crystal Malt 40 
1 x Roasted Barley 
1 x Peated Malt 
1 x Fuggle Pellet Hops 
1 x Heather Tips 
1 x Safale S-04 Dry Ale Yeast 
2 x Muslin Sack 
1 x No-Rinse Cleanser
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On 1/21/2018 at 8:46 PM, BradsBeer said:

When will this be back in stock?



Unfortunately, we don't have that information yet 

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