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Kinda stinks

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It seemed like my beer instantly fermented, the scum was on it for about 24 hours, now theres very little and the brew kinda stinks. Its also pretty cloudy. Im new to this and was wondering why this is. 

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You may or may not see high krausen in the LBK in the first 2-5 days. The "stink" you smell should be CO2 being excreted from the active yeast. I have seen "scum" on my batches for a day or two when my temps were to low. When the temps got up past 64 degrees the bubbling and high krausen was quite visable.

This is according to Mr Beer...."After approximately 24 hours, you will be able to see the fermentation process happening by shining a flashlight into the keg. You'll see the yeast in action in the wort. The liquid will be opaque and milky, you will see bubbles rising in the liquid, and there will be bubbles on the surface."

Hope this helps... Welcome to your new Hobby....

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stressed yeast sometimes produces stinks like sulfur dioxide. what temp are you fermenting it at?

did you agitate the wort before tossing in your yeast? (aeration is important at the very start only)

scum? or foam?  (foam is krausen = your making beer = yay)


cloudy = craploads of active yeast swimming about eating  = yay!


how old was the kit and the yeast? if you are really worried and think the kit was old... go to the local brew store, buy some dry yeast appropriate for the beer you are making and add it if youre absolutely sure that after about 3 days you see no sign of fermentation.  (trub on bottom of fermenter.. foam on top of wort... )


the only 'stinks' i get while fermenting have been:

esters like banana, tropical fruit

yeasty smells

raisin bran like smells

hop smells

occasionally sulfur smells


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