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Creeps McLane

2-3-1959 IPA

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5 gallon batch

6.67% ABV

66.7 IBU

9.7 SRM


4.5 lbs Vienna (Buddy Holly)

4.5 lbs Munich (Big Booper)

2 lbs Rye (Ritchie Valens)

8 oz Crystal 40 (Pilot)


2 oz Cascade - Mash Hop

1 oz Cascade - First Wort Hop

1 oz Cascade - 40 min

1 oz Cascade - 20 min

1 oz Casacde - 10 min

1 oz Cascade - Whirlpool 

1 oz Cascade - Dry Hop


Omega Hot Head Yeast


i have some Cascade to use up. Im also out of two row. 

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This turned into “a pile of dead bodies” aka “the hands of jericho” ipa. I really like this beer. I dont really taste any yeast esters. They must be covered by all the hops. But all together i am very pleased with that yeasts performance 

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