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Coopers and Mr. Beer

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I was wondering which Coopers extract would be the same or close to Mr. Beer American Ale. Thanks!

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I didn't try that one.

I have tried several Cooper's refills and mostly liked them. None were what I would call super hoppy.

For my taste I rate what I tried  0-5 below

I rated none a 5 because then I would buy nothing else :D. 4= very nice ( bought more Pilsener and Dark Ale), 3= good,   2= OK but won't make again.

You have to leave them several months though to be good. Generally I made 1 LBK standard then messed with the others. The review is of standard recipe

Dark Ale        4       

Bitter              3  

Draft              3

Lager             3

Pilsener         4

IPA                 4

Sparkling Ale  2

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