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Shiner Farmhouse Rye Clone

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Even though I was not initially going to go our and buy more of this beer, I did go looking as I was not sure I remembered it well.

So since I could not find more to try it again, I figured I would make one.

This is what I will do. looking at target of 16 IBUs, 4.3 ABV non hoppy saison with a little rye spice.


MR B Wheat HME has 19 IBUs. This may end up at 4.5 or so ABV. So it is a little more. But close.

The yeast is a gamble. I wanted it dry so Belle Saison is good, I wanted a bit of spice so T-58 is good - so I compromised and will mix them. The remaining 1/2 packs are still enough for a 2 gal batch.

PM with 2oz Golden Promise, 2 oz Flaked Rye, 2 oz Pils Malt    30 min steep @ 165 deg

4 oz Wheat DME

Bav Weissbier HME.

Ferment with Belle Saison/T-58 mix for dryness and a bit of spice. (1/2 pack each) Start cool and then warm it up.


The beer calculator makes a big difference in using these yeasts in the ABV, 4.5% for Belle Saison and 3.9% for the T-58. (Attenuation 80% and 70%  respectively) so I can get some of the t-58 flavor but the Belle Saison dryness I am hoping.


Mad scientist strikes again lol


Oops I should have put this in the mad scientist thread.


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Not mad scientist at all. You have a good handle on the qualities of each ingredient and expected results. Actually that is good science and brewing.

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