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I would like to put a portion of my batch of Oktoberfest in a 5L mini keg (picture attached) I ordered from Amazon for use in a tabletop mini kegerator (SPT BD-0538).  I am wondering if I scale bag the carbonation drops when I am conditioning as well as any other need to know tips.  I have only ever conditioned in the bottles that came with my Mr. Beer kit.  I did purchase additional rubber bungs.  Following questions on Amazon is hopeless and there is a bunch of conflicting information.  Any professional help is much appreciated!

mini keg.png

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After verifying that you mini keg can handle natural carbonation, and whether your dispenser can, you would want to determine the proper amount of sugar to use to carbonate.  You need to determine the level of CO2 you want.  http://www.thescrewybrewer.com/p/brewing-tools-formulas.html has a great calculator.  


Using the carbonation drops would be a waste of money, save them for bottles.  Use ordinary table sugar.  


You need to figure out how to fill the keg without aerating your beer, and how to add the sugar and get it mixed without aerating your beer.


I transfer my Mr. Beer contents to a 2.5 liter slimline I got from Walmart, adding the sugar solution I made (see batch priming in my signature) first, gently stirring when filled halfway, then stirring every 8 bottles or so.  I transfer from slimline to bottles a bottling wand, you'd need a bottling wand on a hose.  


Seems like a lot of work for 5 liters.  Better make sure you understand how to sanitize the keg also.

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