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How much do hops expand?

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I never looked into this, beyond looking at the hops and saying "wow".  


I dump my spent grain in the woods instead of the trash, and since I started using a hop spider I have been dumping the hops in the same bucket.  My wife has been salvaging spent grain and making cookies for her and I, so when I brewed this week I emptied the hop spider into a cereal bowl.  For fun, I then weighed it.


Question - how much does 1.5 oz of hops grow to after brewing?





Note - I didn't tare the empty bowl.  1.5 oz turns into about 18 oz, i.e. about 12x the weight.  I did it again, and 1.4 turned into 17, 12x again.


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Wow, I never would have guessed it was that much!


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