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BC Barrel Aged Barley Wine

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My "month long" break from Brewing ended a little early.

I've recently joined another brew club - Brew Commune - out of Orange County as friend of mine from my first club was also in this club etc.

The cool thing is that they are gearing up to do a big communal brew and age it for a year in barrel at The Bruery

Brewed it on Friday after getting in from my trip.

Recipe BC Barrel Aged Barley Wine 2010
Style American Barleywine
Brewer Scott Bennett
Batch 5.00 gal

Recipe Gravity 1.103 OG (ended up meeting gravity almost head on)
Estimated FG 1.026 FG
Recipe Bitterness 80 IBU
Alcohol by Volume 10.0%
Recipe Color 15° SRM

1.50 lb Crystal 60L Steeped 30 Min at 160
1.00 lb Light DME
12.00 lb Light LME

0.70 oz Columbus Pellet 60 minutes
0.70 oz Galena Pellet 60 minutes
0.70 oz Northern Brewer Pellet 30 minutes
0.70 oz Columbus Pellet 20 minutes
1.00 oz Centennial Pellet 5 minutes

1.00 unit California Ale yeast Yeast WLP001

Yeast Nutrient and Whirlfloc at 15 min

Full Boil (glad I used my big pot)

Only issue I ran into was my wort chiller only took it to the mid 80s which normally would matter topping off with cold water. Had to pull together an Ice bath to take it down to temp.

I didn't see a fermentation temp range so I set my "ale chest" to 70. Checked on it last night and the airlock was bubbling away/

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No Secondary with raisins, or any spices or anything??? I thought most barleywines were more than just a ton of malt and hops?

*EDIT* - I just checked the BJCP style guidelines for American Barleywine, and I think this sounds like you nailed the style.....my mistake.

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Sounds like a great opportunity. There's a guy trying to start a brewing co-op here. I hope that I can get that kind of opportunity if/when that gets going. I also need to look into the local club(s) to see if they do anything interesting...

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8 months later and it looks like it will be coming out of the barrel soon

Sneak peak of the label I'm going to slap on my bottles of it


I'm still playing with the colors and the total label will be 5 X 3.5 with a run down of the story etc

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Finally got around to BeerGunning this.

The BeerGun setup and "holster" in a bomber of StarSan

I toss my bottles in the freezer to chill them to the right temp, each shelf can hold 25 12oz bottles

Ready to bottle

Case 1

Case 2 was a split 16 Wookiees and 8 BIG IPLs

Finished product

I went crazy BeerGunning and used every bottle cap I had around.

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